About us

The growing presence of iBuyers has created a new, disruptive obstacle for the real estate industry by directly targeting sellers and eliminating the need for agents. Though experienced real estate professionals understand that REALTORS offer a unique wealth of insight and guidance, the increased demand for this new sales model continues to leave most agents without an effective strategy to compete.

Enter ZinCasa: an early-stage startup that provides a turnkey iBuyer solution for real estate brokers and agents. The ZinCasa model helps our partners to effectively compete against new market disruptors. Our white-labeled platform enables real estate agents to offer their clients the choice to list their home traditionally or through an Instant Offer method.

No matter the selling option, ZinCasa allows agents to stay actively involved with their clients and remain an essential resource in the world of real estate.

Our Mission

Our mission is to protect and strengthen traditional real estate companies and agents by enabling them to compete and thrive in an ever-changing marketplace.

Founded and managed by esteemed leaders in the industry, ZinCasa is here to turn iBuying on its head. We want to do more than help agents compete. We want to help you thrive.

Why Work With Us

Never lose another client to an iBuyer

Go into your listing appointments with confidence knowing you can help your clients sell their home with traditional real estate strategies or an all-cash instant offer.

Double your business

Increase your value as an agent by offering more ways to sell and watch your conversion and seller leads grow.

Retain your commissions

Provide your client with a quick all-cash offer within 24-48 hours that allows you to stay at the center of the transaction and retain your hard-earned commissions.