iBuyer Solutions and Options

Membership with ZinCasa includes a turnkey iBuyer Solution that offers various ways to effectively compete against dominant industry iBuyer competitors. Unlike these disruptors, ZinCasa Agent Partners will be able to offer clients the freedom to choose whether to sell through traditional methods or with an instant cash offer.


Consumer-Facing Website

ZinCasa Partners will receive a personally branded, white-labeled, semi-customizable website that can be easily integrated into your existing website and marketing. This site will provide your clients with direct access to the Instant Offer program and help you generate new seller leads to grow your business.

Zinbox Dashboard

ZinCasa’s back office management tool, known as the Zinbox, will help you manage your submissions, streamline each stage of the process, and facilitate seamless communication through features such as:

– Digital organization and storage of files
– Secure payment vault
– Extensive referral database
– Lite transaction management and reporting


Lead Generation Strategies

Members will also have access to an online learning platform that includes classes and trainings covering topics such as:

– How to best position the iBuyer program
– Beat the competition with omni-channel marketing
– Building a sustainable lead funnel
– Growing loyal customers for life

World-Class Member Training

Our outstanding ZinCasa team, with more than 100 years combined experience in the real estate industry, will share their expertise on the latest best practices, tips, and techniques to help you elevate your business and dominate the competition.


Marketing Platform

Our expertly developed Z-Kit is designed to help you increase demand for your listings. ZinCasa provides our members with a powerful DZign Studio offering and array of professional marketing collateral and multi-channel distribution to help you attract more leads and build customers for life.

Why Work With Us

Never lose another client to an iBuyer

Go into your listing appointments with confidence knowing you can help your clients sell their home with traditional real estate strategies or an all-cash instant offer.

Double your business

Increase your value as an agent by offering more ways to sell and watch your conversion and seller leads grow.

Retain your commissions

Provide your client with a quick all-cash offer within 24-48 hours that allows you to stay at the center of the transaction and retain your hard-earned commissions.